The Orchard School Day

Orchard School Timings 

Start: 8.15am                End: 2.45 pm


Assembly times  

Assemblies are held on a daily basis from 8.15am to 8.30am.

Monday morning assembly introduces the theme for the week.  The Friday morning assembly is led by pupils from different year groups on a rotational basis.

Parents are welcome to attend both the Monday and Friday assemblies.


Break times

Reception and KS1: Two 15 minute  breaks and a 45 minute lunch break

KS2: one 15 minute morning break and a 45 minute lunch break


Prayer times

The KS2 pupils perform Zuhr Salah (Midday prayers) every day after the lunch break.


End of the Day

The school entrance gate is opened 15 minutes before the end of the day. Parents are kindly requested to pick up their children on time.  Should you be running late, please do inform the school office in advance.



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