Reception intake for September 2018

The application process for September 2018 has now begun.

To apply for a reception place you will need to complete an online application form for your local borough via the online portal ‘eadmissions‘. For further guidance on this please contact your local borough.

As part of this process applicants MUST complete a supplementary information form (link below). Failure to complete a form and submit by the deadline of 15th January 2018 will mean your application will not be considered for the initial selection process and your child’s application will be classed as late.

Please find attached a copy of our Admissions Policy for September 2018-19 and Supplementary information form.

Orchard Admissions Policy 2018-19

Supplementary Information Form

If you have any questions please get in touch with the school office on 020 8671 4400.

In-Year Admissions

To apply for an in-year space please complete the forms below and return to the school office with the evidence required:

In-Year Application Form

Supplementary Information Form

In future if you would like your child to remain on the waiting lists, you will need to reapply on an annual basis otherwise your child will be removed from the database.

We will write to parents in September of the new academic year as a reminder and we will only require an update on the information currently held on our system. Therefore if you have previously applied to Orchard and would like to remain on the waiting list please complete the following form: Refresh Application

Please note that if your address has changed you will need to inform the school office so that we can update our system. Evidence will be required to confirm your new address (accepted proofs are highlighted in the in-year application form – link above). Also if your contact numbers change please make sure the school is informed so that we can update our records.

If you would like further information or need help with completing the form, please contact the school office.


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