Welcome to Year Six

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Year 6 Curriculum overview

Please see below for some of the great learning we have experienced! 

Visit to Lambeth Academy

Our pupils visited Lambeth Academy to celebrate the ‘European Day of Languages’. This learning programme was led by teachers and students from the Academy and aimed to promote different languages. As part of their transition into secondary school, our pupils have been attending this event for the past few years.

Some of the comments from our pupils included:

“It was exciting and fun because they taught me another language.”

“I enjoyed learning Chinese. I learnt that symbols have different pronunciations.”

“It was a fantastic trip!”

“I enjoyed meeting other children from different schools.”

Click on this to find out what one pupil has written about a past trip.

Y6 Visit to Lambeth Academy_Sept 13

Summer term in Year 6

Each year, the Y6 class visit Frylands Scout Camp. The children stay for two nights and take part in a range of activities. They have a great time.

ACTIVITIES AT CAMP FRYLANDS (written by a Y6 pupil)

At Camp Frylands we took part in a series of activities. All of the activities were fun and made me want to try them again and again.

On the second to last day we made a wonderful catapult which made our teamwork skills better as a class. After making these wonderful catapults we had a competition which allowed us to fire water ballons. In that particular challenge the girls outsmarted the boys and won.

We also took part in an assault course. It was an adventure. We were timed by Brother Jawwad. There were monkey bars then there was an obstacle where we had to swing from rope to rope. Following this we walked on a see-saw and up a long rope and down a shoot and across a balancing beam.

Subsequently we had pond dipping where we caught a large green slimy frog and one of the children fell into a pond with all the creatures.


THE WOOD HUNT (written by a Y6 pupil)

At Camp Frylands one of the activities we did was the wood hunt. The wood hunt was one of the best games because we got to explore the whole the camp but of course there were boundaries.

The rules were simple – they were that we could not separate from our team and we were not allowed to stay in any one place for more than two minutes.

The hardest part was when Brother Jawwad was going to catch your team and you separated from them. Even if Brother did not catch you, the team got disqualified.


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