Welcome to Year Three

Click on the link below for information about the Year 3 curriculum:                                                                                                               Year 3 Curriculum overview

See below for some of our exciting learning!

We have been learning about how to stay safe on the internet:


Year 3 have also been studying the book titled Zoo. The children did a hot seating activity, where they got into the role of characters from the story. This has helped them to demonstrate empathy with characters and given them opportunities to debate moral dilemmas portrayed in the text.


Year 3 Autumn Term

The class took part in a special story-telling workshop for Anti-Bullying Week.

Year 3 summer term 2015

Geography Topic: The children were learning about Kenya. They took part in a number of interesting activities, for example

Making links with Miti Mingi School, Kenya

The class carried out research about the country and the school. They  produced leaflets about Orchard  and wrote a letter to send with the £373 they raised to help Miti Mingi buy some resources for their school. Year 3 are looking forward to receiving letters back from the pupils. Click on the links below to look at the letter and information sent to Kenya.

Y3’s letter to Miti Mingi School         messages from Y3      leaflet about Orchard


The Year 3 class received a letter from the charity Build Africa, who are helping Orchard build a link with the Miti Mingi School.

Build Africa Letter to Y3


The pupils of Miti Mingi School sent letters and photographs to pupils at Orchard School. Here are some examples.


Art workshop based on textiles (written by two Year 3 pupils)

We  met  a lady  called Miss Freya. She  showed  us designs. She asked us to try to draw a pattern we saw e.g. staircases. After  she told us to draw the same patterns on a piece of polystyrene. Then we used a roller and rolled paint on top. Next we turned the polystyrene tile onto a piece of clean plain paper. We rolled on top of the tile again . Then we had permission to take off  the tile. Our Kenyan designs were ready.



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