Welcome to Reception

Click on the link below to see an overview of the learning in Reception:                                                                                                                Reception curriculum overview

See below for a taster of some of the exciting learning that takes place in our class!


Pupils in Reception have taken part in a castle building competition. They did this at home with their families and brought them into school to show the class.

1st prize family assisted                    1st prize independent

1st Prize (family assistant)                      1st Prize (Independent)

2nd prize family assisted         2nd prize independent

2nd Prize (family assisted)             2nd Prize (independent work)


Click on the link below to see the other great entries.Reception Castle Competition



During Ant-bullying Week, the Reception class focussed on friendships. One activity they did was to make a friendship bracelet for one of their friends in the class.

Reception class enjoy many activities


Summer term activities in Reception                                                                              


They did some activities at school. The children also went to the Horniman Museum to find out about minibeasts.


Click on this link to see more! minibeasts




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