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Our School Council are selected through an ‘election process’ during which the children learn so much about the democratic process. 

Click on the links below to read our councillors thoughts on the elections:

Orchard School Elections for the School Council – our thoughts

Councillors have each received their beautiful ‘Orchard School Councillor’ badges, which they will be wearing to school!

Elected school councillors have been meeting and planning a range of projects for this year.  They provide reports to our governors

on some of their work and plans for the future. Please click on the link below to view an example of our school council report:

Orchard School Council Report to Governors

In return, our school governors acknowledged their report and sent a card to school council members!

Card received from school governors


Outlined below are some of the activities of our school council in years gone by….

Council Reports from 2013 / 2014

The School Council are working with Mrs Sajid on a number of projects. They started by organising Friendship Week (see below) and are now working on supporting pupils in the playground by establishing a Buddy Bench.

Friendship Week 

We focused on what makes a good friend and why bullying is a bad thing. The School Council helped to organise the week and hosted a visit by our local MP Chuka Umunna who helped us to bring the week to a rousing end.

Chuka Umunna handing out prizes  Blue Friday Balloon Release Chuka Umunna meeting the School Council reps

Some of the events that took place:

Playground Buddies                              Competitions                           EYFS/KS1 – A friendship poster about how to be a good friend
KS2-A poem about friendship            Blue Friday                              Non-uniform day raising money for the Philippines (friendship without borders!)


The Orchard School Council worked on a number of other projects including:

1) Improving pupil punctuality

2) Developing our links with  schools and other organisations in our local community


Some children from Y5 and Y6, including School Council reps visited the school and the church.

The Headteacher, two parents and a governor accompanied the group. The focus was to increase understanding about each other’s cultures and religion. Pupils  from both schools presented some information and items relating to their cultures.

The Orchard group were taken on a tour of the school and then visited the church where the Vicar spoke about some of the features of the church and the different types of outfits Vicars wear. The Orchard group found the visit enjoyable and informative. The  School Council reps made a book to capture the key aspects of the visit.



by Alison Hatt (Governor)

I accompanied the group of Year 5 and 6 children from Orchard on their visit to Christchurch as a representative of the governors. There was much to enjoy on this occasion: listening to ‘our’ children talking to their hosts about their family backgrounds and showing objects from their different ethnic cultures brought home just how diverse our school population is under its Islamic umbrella.

We toured the classrooms in small groups, led by two of the Christchurch Year 6 children. The practice was very similar to that of Orchard and it was interesting to see that RE displays in all the classes addressed faiths other than Christianity. I was also struck by the use that was being made of the different values that underlie the Olympics-each class was working on one specific value. That seemed an excellent way to approach this coming event.

The visit ended with a tour of the church to which the school is literally attached. As some eagle-eyed children noticed, the church was built in1843 and was decorated with many mosaics. The priest talked to us about features of Christianity and highlighted some of the comparisons between it and Islam and then we were free to wander and look.

As we made our way out one of Orchard’s pupils told me that her father had said it was good to find out about other religions. I hope visits such as this will continue-it can only be good to learn from each other.

Alison Hatt

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