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Welcome to Orchard Primary School's website!
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We encourage our children to be fit and healthy.
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We all enjoy our outdoor learning!
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At Orchard, we pride ourselves on our broad and balanced curriculum. (Year 2 exploring people from the past.)
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Our children are engaged and enjoy their lessons.

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 Welcome to The Orchard Primary School!

Orchard Primary School is a Voluntary Aided Muslim school in Lambeth.

                    Message from the Headteacher

Assalamu alaikum

Orchard is a smaller than average, primary school. We pride ourselves in providing a high standard of teaching and learning, with a personalised approach for all our children. Our aim is to nurture our children’s spiritual, moral, social & cultural development so as to ensure that they become positive citizens who will contribute towards all aspects of society.

We provide a broad and balanced curriculum which makes learning fun whilst also aiming to develop our pupils academic levels to the highest standards, in order to ensure outstanding progress and achievement in all areas. To view some of our exciting learning, please click on the link below:

Learning at Orchard Primary!

At Orchard we value our strong links and partnerships with our parents and the community at large. We have a number of links with other faith and non-faith schools. Orchard is also a member of the Windmill Cluster of schools.

  We invite you to come in and visit our warm and welcoming school!

Was-salaams / Kind regards,

Mr Hoosen Randeree (Headteacher)


Upcoming Events

Our ‘Parent Coffee Mornings’ are scheduled for the last Wednesday of every month.

All parents are welcome. We look forward to seeing you there. The Coffee Morning is from 8.30am to 9.45am and is held in our Dinner Hall.


Parking around the school

Parents are reminded to kindly ensure that they take due consideration of our neighbours and other road users, when dropping off or picking up their children from school. Please do not inconvenience others by parking your car inappropriately.

We strongly recommend that parents walk to school or utilise public transport when bringing pupils to school. 


An update on our latest Ofsted Report

The school last had an Ofsted inspection in March 2014.

The outcome of this inspection was that Orchard has been judged to be a ‘GOOD school with a number of exceptional features.’

Some of the other comments made within the report:

‘In addition to striving for academic excellence, the school is outward looking and works well with other local schools and the community to ensure pupils have the range of experiences they need to be ready for moving on to secondary school.’

 ‘The school promotes pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development exceptionally well.’

 Please click on the link to read the full report:                                                                                                                                                Orchard Primary School – Published report_March2014



We are in the process of updating all our admissions records in order to remove any applications which no longer wish to stay on our waiting lists.                                                                                                                                                                                               Moving forward, we will be implementing a new system, to help improve our database. In future all parents who would like their children to remain on the waiting lists will be required to reapply on an annual basis in the summer term.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

For more informtion please visit the admissions section.


For information regarding FREE SCHOOL MEALS for 2015-16 please ‘click here’



Orchard Primary School is proud to be part of the Windmill Cluster of Schools. For more information about the schools in the cluster and how we work together, please click the following link: Windmill Cluster


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